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Can I create surprise gifts for Partners?

Personalize bonus amounts across Partner segments using predictive patterns

How do I time Partner incentives for the most impact?

Personalize incentive timing for greatest impact

What will motivate my Partners the most?

Find the most engaging activities for each Partner segment

For each product, how much Partner activity is expected?

High confidence predictive models make hiring easy

Which Partners are likely to be the best for each offering?

Increase Partner success rates by using “similar Partner” data.

What is the best messaging strategy?

Target Partners with messages they find the most engaging

Which Partners help others succeed?

Discover and encourage your best Partners to success mentors.

Whose behavior changed recently?

Celebrate positive and identify negative changes quickly

What will a Partner program cost?

Optimize partner lifetime values while minimizing expenses through our platform’s projection modelling.

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See Engagement & Savings Boost Up to 30%!

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