Partner Engagement Program that Boosts Brand Affinity

Turbocharge Partner Productivity with Smart Performance Goals

Facilitate your partners in reaching their goals with a platform that rewards, motivates and drives action.

Goal Management

Set personalized goals for each partner and automate goal tracking by using advanced ML techniques.

Boost Sales

Using a Smart Performance system, you boost sales by rewarding them by volume, product or any metric you want to set.

Gamify Mindshare

Mindshare becomes interesting and fun with gamification techniques like badges which helps strengthen performance.

Multi-Tiered Structure

Use a multi-tier structure which encourages your partner to be more active and engaged in you program.

Drive Goal Achievement

NextBee’s Symbio helps you assess performance, track activities, motivate partners to reach and accomplish Performance goals. With our advanced AI & ML techniques you offer customized rewards and incentives that ensure your partners are engaged.

Our Commitment

360 Degree Engagement

NextBee’s employee referral and advocacy platform come with useful features that help companies to enhance 360-degree engagement. The platform captures employee interactions across multiple channels to drive advocacy. The solution is 100% scalable and customizable to fulfill any business requirements.

Analytics & AI-Driven Decision Making

The Machine Learning mechanism segments your employees based on their profiles, activities, and their responses to your incentive trigger allowing you to customize engagement strategies. The AI-powered personalization engine dramatically increases participation from your employees.

Intuitive Software Interface

NextBee offers a solution that is built with an intuitive interface and user-friendly layout – it renders a delightful experience to the users which makes the platform a treat to use. The software entices the users to spend more time and fulfill the desired referral activities.

End to End Solution that is Trusted by Leading Brands and Loved by Small Businesses​
10 Million+ Users | 1.2B+ Tracked Transactions | 22 Integrated AI Modules
Boost Partner Loyalty, Referrals & Advocacy

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